Self Portraits

A couple weeks ago I did some self-portraits. Mostly because I had found a sample of L'Oreal BB Cream in a magazine and I used it to do my make-up. I set up my tri-pod and took some shots by my front window - the biggest window in the apartment and the best place to get natural light.

Even though I prefer to not use a flash, especially the on-camera one, I did use the flash in a lot of shots because even though this is a large window, it still does not let in a lot of light. It was early afternoon, and since this is a north-facing window it doesn't get a lot of afternoon light.

I took a lot of photos but it's been slow going with other things being a priority, but I wanted to share a few since I haven't posted in awhile. Last one is of myself in the mirror when I finished my make-up and hair.

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