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This Christmas we spent ten days dogsitting for a Goldendoodle named Mollie. Very smart and sweet dog, my daughter loved her and went around the house looking for her the morning after she went home. Having Mollie around reminded me what it was like to have a dog in the house again [I grew up with dogs, Labradors and an English Springer Spaniel]; it made me miss my dog living back home with my family in Cambodia. Maybe we can get a dog soon, I know that Aria is definitely on my side. :]

We haven't been getting much snow over here in Chicago, but we did manage to get a couple inches over Christmas, which Mollie thoroughly enjoyed.

All tuckered out from her fun in the snow...

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The Rubio Family

About a month ago my cousin April hired me to take photos of a family she knows; she thought they needed a new family photo so she surprised them with a photoshoot. The Rubio family - Yolanda, Leo, Mauricio, Mariana and Coral - was very welcoming, they invited us in to their home for lunch and then after the photoshoot they shared a white chocolate cake with us. Yum. Jaime, Yolanda's husband was working that day so he wasn't able to join in but the rest of the family had a great time. Even their new dog joined in on the photoshoot. 

above: Yolanda 
below: Coral


"Rock, Paper, Scissors" to decide who gets the soccer ball first.

above: Yolanda's 17-year-old autistic son, Leo.


above: Mariana and her mom
below: Mauricio

The Rubio's new dog, all the family members call him by a different name because they've only had him a few months and haven't decided on a permanent name yet. A neighbor gave them the dog for free because he was completely flea-ridden, so they took him in and gave him baths and got rid of his fleas and now is a member of the family. A very sweet little dog.


And to finish it off, a couple photos of April and her boyfriend, Tim, who were there as well.

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