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Self Portraits

Yesterday was feeling more like spring, so I went out to the park to take some photos.
There are also some on my other blog Chocolate Covered Love.

These are all taken with my tripod and my camera set on a timer.
So a lot of running back and forth between me and the camera. I definitely got my exercise.
These ones turned out the best.

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Spring come soon!

As much as I love Chicago and the snow, I'm now ready for spring to be here. I miss warm-er weather and flowers starting to poke their heads out of the ground. I always get excited when I start to see crocus shoots and buds on the tree branches. Silly I know, but it means that warmer weather is coming and Chicago winters always seem to drag on longer than they should.

So I was going through my nature photos taken this past spring/summer and have decided to put some up to bring some warm weather cheer to my blog. Enjoy.

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Chicago Architecture

Chicago has such different architecture depending on where around the city you go and I love it. I especially love it when there are building next to each other with contrasting styles of architecture. These photos were all taken from inside a car with my zoom lens while driving around Chicago.

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