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Greta 'N' Friends

I visited my sister, Greta, on Sunday at her college (Trinity International University). It's nice having her so close by now, the ability to see her is now possible! She used to be living overseas with my family but now that she's starting college and attending a school that's only an hour away, she's nearby. So my cousin and I drove up to visit with her for the afternoon/evening. We had a lot of fun catching up, drinking coffee and going on walks through the local parks.

Later in the evening I did a photoshoot with Greta and some of her friends at her school. My sister and I used to traditionally have a photoshoot every time we'd get to visit together. It gives me a chance to do some photography and Greta enjoys modeling for me so it all works out.

I realized only just now that I actually used the wrong watermark on my photos, I used an older one instead of my current one. I really need to delete my old ones... but I don't really feel like going back through all the photos and changing the watermark. Especially since this was just a fun and casual thing. Not a paid gig. :) Now to the photos!




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