Maria and Israel

So I'm finally posting the photos I took with Maria and Israel. Maria is a long-time friend of my fiance, they've been friends since high school. So that's how I became friends with her as well. Maria is an amazing girl and Israel is perfect for her. They are complete opposites but that's what makes them so great together.

Maria's family and some friends also joined in on the photos and they brought some awesome red balloons as props.

This group of friends love to joke around with each other, 
which made for great laughing photos of course

 Everyone all together,
Maria had everyone wear white

Such a cute couple,
both have great smiles

Family photo 

 Lots of goofing off

Portraits of Israel
 The sun was starting to set so of course I had to get a bunch of backlit portraits



They each had a pair of balloons which were tied together and
then everyone released them 

Balloons flying away...

Just the girls 

The ring.

It was wonderful taking these photos and I can't wait for their wedding in September.

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