The Beginning

First blog post here. This blog will be a hodge-podge of artwork, photography, food and diy projects.

I'm an artist and photographer trying to expand my reach to people - I want to share my art and gain more feedback as well as some more business. Hopefully.

I'm a stay-at-home mom to my beautiful daughter Aria Grace - who just turned one year about a month ago. She keeps me very busy - busier than I would like - she makes it difficult for me to work on any projects because she always wants to be included. Henceforth, many of these posts will go up at night when she's asleep.

I took this photo yesterday when I went on a walk with my daughter to the nature park by our house. It was such a beautiful day for March - today as well - 60 degrees, though very windy. 

Canadian geese at the park.

Well that's it for my first post, time to go to bed. 

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