April and Tim

Okay, I will say that I took these photos a little under a year ago. Last October to be exact, but I have nothing new to upload so this is what I have. I didn't have this blog when I did these photos so that is why they don't already exist on the blog.

This is my cousin April and her boyfriend Tim. She just wanted some portraits of the two of them and ended up using one as a Christmas card photo. At first they were both a little shy about showing affection in public, but being the sneaky person I am, I caught a few good shots of them.

At the time I was feeling very grateful for my long lens, it helped them relax because I was farther away and still get close up shots. 

I prefer getting more candid, natural looking shots but I also took a couple more "posed" photos.

It was turning to evening as we were finishing up the photos and so I got several shots in the high grass with some lovely evening light.

And of course since we're in Chicago, and this park has a lovely hilltop, skyline view, we had to get a few of those shots in. And as luck would have it, the photos also got to feature Chicago's trademark wind.

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